The Interviews

My goal was to tell the story of the RAF Ferry Command with interviews with those who were actually there. Here in alphabetical order is a list of the interviews used in the documentary:

John Affleck
John Affleck Flight Engineer
Len Barrett
Len Barrett Navigator
Ted Biss
Ted Biss Radio Operator / Navigator
Carl Christie
Carl Christie Military Historian
Dave Clarke
Dave Clarke Radio Operator
Don Douglas
Don Douglas Pilot
Sandy Forbes
Sandy Forbes Pilot
Sir Martin Gilbert
Sir Martin Gilbert Churchill’s Biographer
Nora Irwin
Nora Irwin Wife of Ferry Command Pilot
Walter Jones
Walter Jones Pilot
Kirk Kerkorian
Kirk Kerkorian Pilot
Al Lilly
Al Lilly Pilot
John Lukacs
John Lukacs Historian
Geoffrey Mangham
Geoffrey Mangham Radio Operator
Bill MacLaren
Bill MacLaren Return Ferry Operations
Mervin McLeod
Mervin McLeod Radio Operator
Al McCrae
Al McCrae Pilot
Taffy Powell
Taffy Powell Chief Air Officer, Ferry Command
Lawrence Sellick
Lawrence Sellick Instrument Shop Technician
Robert Short
Robert Short Radio Operator
Richard Stanley
Richard Stanley Navigator
Bill Vanderkloot
Bill Vanderkloot Pilot