“It’s the romance of the air.“ says Writer, Director and Producer Bill VanDerKloot. “That romance was part of that time, because it was so rare to be able to go up in the clouds and the pilots who did it were the celebrities of their day. The fact that these airmen were flying where no one had dared to fly - helping to defeat Hitler while they were at it – and, having a great time doing it -– these were young guys flying across the Atlantic! -- it’s just a great combination.”

Living in the frozen wilds of Newfoundland - as my island home in the middle of the North Atlantic is aptly referred to in Flying the Secret Sky - I am constantly reminded of the challenge that is North Atlantic weather. Planes are frequently grounded in winter storms and, even more so, flights to the island from mainland Canada -- big jets with radar, powerful engines and automatic pilot – refuse to even attempt the flight here when even potential weather is forecast. Our storms are indeed notorious: hurricane-like winds, fluctuating temperatures, a swirling mix of the “dark and dirty” conditions that the Ferry Command flyers know all too well.

William VanDerKloot

William VanDerKloot grew up in Chappaqua, NY and is an independent director and producer whose 30-year career includes short films, television documentaries and theatrical features. Over the years he has traveled the world producing films on a range of subjects from public sculpture to ethnic history; from southern blues to environmental science.

My goal was to tell the story of the RAF Ferry Command with interviews with those who were actually there. Here in alphabetical order are the interviews used in the documentary.

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